Chloe Licht - Senior VP

Chloe Licht brings her unique experience in the telecommunications and entertainment fields to the LYA team.

Chloe has previously served in the Mobile Marketing department at RCA Music Group. This newly-established department was tasked with developing ways to capitalize on the mobile platform as a way of generating new revenue for the music label. In her role, Chloe performed market research and analysis for the mobile marketplace. She also created promotional plans with the aim of marketing RCA Music Group artists more effectively through the mobile arena.

Following, Chloe worked as a Senior Assistant at Clear Channel New York in the Integrated Marketing and Sales Department, implementing numerous successful on- air, on-site and online media campaigns for major brands like Geico, Mars, H&M and Dunkin’ Donuts to name a few. At Clear Channel New York, Chloe worked with five of the top radio stations in the tri-state area – Z100, 106.7 Lite FM, Q104.3, KTU & Power105, each staffed by a group of highly respected and well-known radio personalities. As part of a team, she created a variety of campaigns for major brands utilizing radio, on-site promotions and social media as key components in their advertising and PR campaigns. In her role, Chloe collaborated to develop and implement unique ideas leveraging multiple modes of media to promote brands. She was responsible for managing the operations required to bring campaigns live.

Chloe’s media background enables her to bring a unique set of skills to the LYA team. Her first-hand understanding of how the media functions behind the scenes allows her to cultivate strong relationships and work effectively with a plethora of media outlets.

Chloe Licht holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her professional endeavors, Chloe will achieve her M.S. Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University in 2013.